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Content Creators - Signing up/Setting a profile

Signing up / Setting a profile

  1. Is there a sign-up fee? No, Content Cloud is entirely free for all content creators. 
  2. Do l have to upload a picture? What happens if l don’t? You don’t have to. However, the more fields you complete on your profile, the higher your chances of getting noticed and remembered by publishers.
  3. My specialism isn’t listed in the options available. Can I still join? You can add your own areas of expertise in the “Other Specialisms” menu section of your profile. Alternatively, get in touch with the Content Cloud team by clicking on ‘Feedback & Support’.
  4. Can l register without uploading any work? No. All content creators are required to upload samples of their work in order to be verified. Content Cloud will host a wide range of highly skilled professionals; in order to do that, our team will vet each account to guarantee quality. 
  5. I’m a videographer. How can I upload previous examples of my work? You can include a link to your video, whether it is hosted on your personal website or with services such as YouTube and Vimeo.  
  6. I am having difficulties uploading samples of work, can you help? Firstly please check you are using the latest version of your browser as Content Cloud is unable to support some old versions. If you are using the latest version and still having problems, please click ‘upload manually’ then enter a title and a click ‘as a file’ before uploading your PDF in this box. If this has not worked please send your files to us via the feedback and support section so we can check the file type.
  7. Do I have to include my social media profiles on my account? You don’t have to. However, a LinkedIn profile is a requirement if you choose not to upload a CV.
  8. I am unable to add my Linkedin profile, how do I do this? You can either click ‘link’ and log in to Linkedin to do this automatically, or alternatively copy and paste the publicly available link to your profile, making sure you copy it when you’re not logged in so that it says ‘http://’ not ‘https://’.
  9. I’m a writer and a photographer; do l need two separate accounts? No, you don’t need two accounts. Just select your different professions and specialisms – they will all appear in your profile.
  10. I’ve filled in all the information and set up my profile, what happens now? The Content Cloud team will review your profile information. You will then receive an email within two working days confirming that your profile is approved, live and searchable for commissions.

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