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Looking for jobs

  1. How do l find jobs? To see all the jobs available, click on ‘Marketplace’ at the top of the page. You will be able to browse by profession and specialism. 
  2. If l need more information about a job on the Job Marketplace, do l need to bid for it first? Yes. You need to place your bid, but that doesn’t commit you to the job. You can ask the publisher to provide more information before you decide to continue.
  3. Can l see other people’s bids on a job? No, the marketplace is a sealed-bid auction.
  4. I’ve bid for a job, what now? The publisher will consider all the bids received. If you are the favourite choice, you will receive a message. You can then decide whether to accept the job or not.
  5. What if I can’t see any jobs for me, how can I attract clients? Another tool you can use to find work is the Ideas Board. If you have a great idea for content that businesses might be interested in commissioning you for, add it to the Ideas Board.

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